LoF22 – A Conference on Laws of Form

Laws of Form is the title of the seminal work of George Spencer-Brown, first published in 1969. His book gave a new point of view on the role of distinction, markedness and the unmarked state in the creation of knowledge. This conference on Laws of Form is the second conference of its kind.  The first conference was held in 2019, commemorating 50 years since G. Spencer-Brown’s Laws of Form was published in 1969. A book corresponding to that first conference will soon be published by World Scientific.


Submissions for papers, panel sessions, interactive presentations, workshops, performance sessions, and creative contributions inspired by George Spencer-Brown’s work and life—and particularly his key work, Laws of Form (LoF)—are now open and welcomed from participants keen to contribute to LoF22 which will be held from Thursday 4 August to Saturday 6 August, 2022 at the University of Liverpool. 

The url for information about the conference is https://lof50.com

Keynotes will be given by Francis Jeffrey, Louis Kauffman, Barry Smith, and Stephen Wolfram. 
If you wish to actively participate at LoF22 please complete the submission form here: https://easychair.org/my/conference?conf=lof22 

Facilities for giving presentations by video link will be available for those who, due to distance, are unable to attend in person. Presentations will be recorded and may be made available online. It is intended that, after the conference, as with LoF50, the papers will be compiled into a book. 

Please email Florian Grote: florian.grote@gmail.com with any queries about the submission process. 

Deadline for submissions: Monday 28 February, 2022.  

There are no fees for attending the conference, for giving a presentation, or for submitting a synopsis of your paper.